Cool Gifts like Posters and T-Shirts for Special Occasions


We give gifts to our families, friends and relatives depending on the occasion. For example, during the holidays, among the best ideas for gifts to give to our friends and love ones are personalized t-shirts. You can print these t-shirts in large numbers, plus they are easy and fast to produce, and you can personalize the print with characters, names, dates, colours and so on.

If you noticed, the winter months always create an environment of playfulness and whimsical. During this season, people anticipate snow angels, they throw snowballs at each other and holiday celebrations and gatherings.

For the designs of t-shirts for men, women and children, usually featured during winter are like the adorable snowman, falling snow crystals and snowflakes, or fir trees covered with snow. When people are engaging in winter activities like skiing and ice skating, they are drawn to wearing winter clothing that features the elements of the season.

These images are popular prints on both customized t-shirts adn on greeting cards and posters too. And vice versa, these designs on posters and greeting cards can also be screen printed on t-shirts.

Messages fit for the season can also be custom printed on these t-shirts, like Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah and so on. For the Christmas season, these printed t-shirts usually feature images that symbolize the birth of Christ like the manger scene or the Nativity scene and so on. Other popular Christmas symbols that you can have printed on your customized t-shirts are the Christmas trees, wreaths, stockings and Santa Claus. You can then make your t-shirts colourful with dye colours of red, green and white, and paired with gold and silver trimmings that glitter.

T-shirts can also be custom printed during historical or cultural themed designs like during Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Carved pumpkins and bats are among the popular designs that symbolize Halloween, that you can make cartoon like for the kids’ t-shirts, or witch and vampires for the women’s t-shirts. Colours of black, red, orange and gold are most often used during this time, and some shirts and Cool Posters could have embossed design on the surface.

The cultural and historical aspects of Thanksgiving are the common prints of t-shirts during this time, and people wear them during Thanksgiving dinner, with the background of the turkey and dresses worn with a theme of the pioneer time.

Other parts of the world have their own unique prints on their Custom T-Shirts commemorating various occasions. With custom made t-shirts worn on special occasions, the events are truly made more memorable.

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